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PMOCT CA - Best Fight Scene by ProjectMinotaurOCT PMOCT CA - Best Fight Scene :iconprojectminotauroct:ProjectMinotaurOCT 0 9 PMOCT CA -Best Community Event by ProjectMinotaurOCT PMOCT CA -Best Community Event :iconprojectminotauroct:ProjectMinotaurOCT 0 3 PMOCT CA - Most Helpful Judge by ProjectMinotaurOCT PMOCT CA - Most Helpful Judge :iconprojectminotauroct:ProjectMinotaurOCT 0 5 PMOCT CA -Best Dramatic Moment by ProjectMinotaurOCT PMOCT CA -Best Dramatic Moment :iconprojectminotauroct:ProjectMinotaurOCT 0 4 PMOCT CA-Best Comedic Moment by ProjectMinotaurOCT PMOCT CA-Best Comedic Moment :iconprojectminotauroct:ProjectMinotaurOCT 0 3 PMOCT CA-Best Use of Setting by ProjectMinotaurOCT PMOCT CA-Best Use of Setting :iconprojectminotauroct:ProjectMinotaurOCT 1 4 PMOCT CA-Best Fanart by ProjectMinotaurOCT PMOCT CA-Best Fanart :iconprojectminotauroct:ProjectMinotaurOCT 0 3 PMOCT CA - Best Beta by ProjectMinotaurOCT PMOCT CA - Best Beta :iconprojectminotauroct:ProjectMinotaurOCT 1 5 PMOCT CA-Best SE by ProjectMinotaurOCT PMOCT CA-Best SE :iconprojectminotauroct:ProjectMinotaurOCT 1 4 PMOCT CA-Best Community Member by ProjectMinotaurOCT PMOCT CA-Best Community Member :iconprojectminotauroct:ProjectMinotaurOCT 1 14
Comments for R6
Comments overall
Khan13  I'd like to begin by praising both contestants on not only their wonderful entries this round, but on the amazing plot lines they have given us so far. You both deserve to win, and I am proud to see either of you claim the prize in this OCT. I feel honored to have you both as fellow judges in the upcoming TBOS-OCT, and I can't wait to work with you in bringing another story to life.
RekKa  Both stories shared a relatively similar ending, involving the Minotaur as the climax, but were still wildly different in substance and execution. Both felt rushed in places, either for sake of brevity, the tenseness of the scene, or lack of time to finish... I can't tell. Regardless, both were excellent and enjoyable reads.
RobinRone  I was blown away by the quality stories that these two finalists created.  As cheesy as it sounds, both are winners already in my mind.  :)
Comments for Ed
:iconprojectminotauroct:ProjectMinotaurOCT 1 6
List of SE entries
To make choosing a "Best SE" nomination easier, we've compiled a list of the SEs submitted during the tournament.  See the comments below for links.
:iconprojectminotauroct:ProjectMinotaurOCT 1 5
Comments for R5
Edmund by :thebuggiest: vs Imogen by :uvnote:
Cheeko:  Ed's entry relies on storytelling devices and events that have already seemed to occur several times throughout the tournament thus far. The ending was really fantastic: the idea of the ferryman and the presence of Charon really appealed to me, but again, I don't feel the presence of any build to a climax.  
Khan:  What a ride. Once again, you have shown a willingness to take a huge risk with the setting, and again it's paid off. I had wondered who would first figure out how death works in the Labyrinth with Hades bound, and this was a very clever interpretation. I also found the impromptu funeral to be very raw and touching. It seemed a very honest moment to me.
That said, I felt that Io could have been characterized a bit better, but that seemed to have been sacrificed for the sake of the drama in the Resistance meeting. I'm not sure I buy Phaex's paranoia shifting so s
:iconprojectminotauroct:ProjectMinotaurOCT 1 6
PMOCT Schedule 2011 by ProjectMinotaurOCT PMOCT Schedule 2011 :iconprojectminotauroct:ProjectMinotaurOCT 1 6 R5 - Bracket by ProjectMinotaurOCT R5 - Bracket :iconprojectminotauroct:ProjectMinotaurOCT 6 44
1. Imogen by :iconuvnote: Carver by :iconGrimNecropolis:
Cheeko  Io's entry is, as usual, wonderfully written: whimsical, mysterious, dark and light all at the same time. I absolutely LOVE the allusion and use of Hera and Zeus, and part of me really, really wanted to see her continue just to see where that particular story element was going to go. Seriously, how excellent was that? There are so many great things you could do with it, and Io is doing it all right. But I agree with the other judges; I would have liked to have seen this kind of development applied to Io. After all, the whole story is about her.
Khan  This round sucked me right in and wouldn't let me go. Your portrayal of Catreus and Boa in particular have me wanting more. However, your portrayal of Imogen and Carver, who the round is ostensibly about, were the weakest and least interesting. If you continue in this OCT, you have a very tough challenge ahead of yo
:iconprojectminotauroct:ProjectMinotaurOCT 1 2

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Journal Entry: Fri Apr 15, 2011, 6:06 PM


And the winner is...
Comments for the Round Entries

Needless to say, both entries were neck-and-neck until the very last vote.  Both TheBuggiest and AriadneArca did an incredible job, and the PMOCT staff were honored to have such amazing finalists for our OCT.

Not only that, but we are all grateful for the remarkable members of PMOCT community as a whole.  You guys have been incredible the entire way through!  Thank you so much for sharing your creativity and enthusiasm for this project!  YOU are what made this event a success!

Speaking of which, don't forget...


The PMOCT Community results are in!  Check out the awards here:  projectminotauroct.deviantart.…


:bulletblue:$100 sent via PayPal
:bulletblue:A full color commission from The Host.
:bulletblue:Full color commission, simple flat colors, one character, no background from senshuu
:bulletblue:Full color full-body commission from Pokemaniette013
:bulletblue:Two custom songs by crystalofchaos  Samples:…
:bulletblue:A full-color, digital commission, up to two characters and a background by MidnightTea7  Examples:… and…

:bulletblue: A bust sketch commission from Pokemaniette013
:bulletblue:One custom song by crystalofchaos  Samples:…
:bulletblue:A full-color, digital commission in a simpler style, up to two characters and a background by MidnightTea7 Examples:… and…

Judges and Judging Criteria

         Host & Judge: :iconrobinrone:
Head Judges:  :iconmegsyv::iconkhan13:(:iconrekka:&:iconsyprusfenix:)  :icongeardrafter:

Back-up Judges:  :iconakiameko: :iconkalyn-palak: :iconramoranscout: :icondarthvengeance0325:  :iconminervagem:
Judging Criteria
:bulletblue:  Character depth and development of ALL characters, not just your own.
:bulletblue:  Creativity
:bulletblue:  Impact and Resonance of Storytelling
Further information on Judging and Deadlines

Technical skills would earn a bonus or demerit.

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excuse me, but I couldn't watch the tournament, why is that?
uvnote Featured By Owner Dec 4, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
Hmmm...I'm not sure. This tournament finished last April, so perhaps the moderator has closed the group to watchers?
SaffyLailo Featured By Owner Apr 12, 2011  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
If we're going to be voting on all the Specator Entries for our favourites could we have a list of them all again? Tht way people can reread and check out ones they might have missed?
ProjectMinotaurOCT Featured By Owner Apr 12, 2011
Sure. I'll go back through the entry posts and make a list.
SaffyLailo Featured By Owner Apr 12, 2011  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
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Picture for the fanart gallery! [link] :XD:
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I love this joke. I totally fell for it. :)
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Hey, if anyone's looking for things to do during the downtime, I'm hosting my annual Valentine's Challenge - no prizes, just a fun little distraction. :D [link]
Savari07 Featured By Owner Nov 30, 2010
Fellow OCTers!

The online :iconoct-convention: is happening in one month! Get ready for January 2nd!
SaffyLailo Featured By Owner Nov 26, 2010  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Congrats to all the winners!
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